Deli Meat

Carved-Off-The-Bone Flavor

You demand the best, which is why you swear by Sahlen's Hot Dogs. So why settle for anything less when it comes to deli meat? We carry the 150-year-old Sahlen tradition of quality, assured freshness, delicious taste and incredible texture through to our premium line of deli meat. Sahlen’s Smokehouse Ham, Italian Style Hot Ham, Bologna, Smokehouse Turkey and more are all made with fresh, fine ingredients and no MSG or added water. Get all the ease and satisfaction that you rely on when you order up the Carved-Off-The-Bone flavor of ham and turkey without the added filler. When your number is called at the deli counter, make sure Sahlen’s Deli Meat is the first thing you order. No other meat cuts it.

Sahlen Packing Co., Inc.

318 Howard Street | Buffalo, NY 14206