Ask and you shall receive. Our Pork & Beef and All Beef Tender Casing Smokehouse Hot Dogs are now available to buy online! In order to ensure the ultimate quality and freshness you deserve, we overnight all orders (minimum order is 10, 1 lb. Packs) with True-Cost Shipping automatically added during Checkout. These shipping costs include rush, refrigerated delivery so your hot dogs stay cold and ready to cook. Stock up while supplies last!

Pork & Beef

Tender Casing Hot Dogs

Ten (10) 16 Oz. Packs


Pork & Beef, All Beef

Variety Pack

Ten (10) 16 Oz. Packs — Five (5) of Each


All Beef

Tender Casing Hot Dogs

Ten (10) 16 Oz. Packs


You'll swear by


One taste is all it takes. Once you try Sahlen you swear by Sahlen. People say things like, “I don’t know what it is,” or “They’re just the best.” But there’s plenty that goes into what makes Sahlen's Deli Meat and Hot Dogs. The authentic smokehouse flavor and snap casing of our hot dogs. Or the carved-off-the-bone flavor and freshness of our deli meat. It starts with our long history of quality, satisfaction and using premium ingredients.

150 Years.

One Goal.

The year 1869 was a memorable one. With War and Peace published, the First Transcontinental Railroad constructed, and Grant inaugurated as the 18th President, food pioneer Joseph Sahlen founded Sahlen Packing Company in Buffalo, NY. Plenty has changed in the 150 years since Sahlen was founded, but one thing has remained the same: Our commitment to providing only the highest quality meat products to our family of loyal customers.  

The Country's


What started as WNY’s best-kept secret has grown into a five-generation business with products available in 35 states across America. The Sahlen headquarters remain in Buffalo to this day with a new, state-of-the-art processing facility that ensures people across the nation can enjoy the freshest, best-tasting hot dogs and deli meats Western New Yorkers grew up on.

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The Best

They don’t get any hotter than Sahlen’s Hot Dogs.

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Sahlen delivers satisfaction at every deli counter.

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