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It’s the SNAP. The texture. The taste. Everyone has their reason why Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs are their favorite. For some, it’s the only hot dog. For us, it’s a way of life. Every hot dog is packed with fresh, quality ingredients. No filler. And that SNAP? It comes from our signature casing, which ensures your flame-grilled hot dogs maintain that crispy skin that can only be a Sahlen’s.

Our Entire Hot Dog Catalog

  • Skinless Smokehouse Cocktail Wieners

  • Grilled For You™ Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs

    From $35.95
  • Tender Casing Beef Hot Dogs

    From $39.50
  • Tender Casing Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

    From $39.50
  • Footlong Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

    From $42.45
  • Skinless Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

  • Reduced Fat Skinless Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

  • Natural Casing Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

    From $44.95