Buffalo Style Chicken Breast

Nothing says Western New York quite like Sahlen. We took it up a notch by adding that famous Buffalo-born and bred seasoning combination we were all raised on. Sahlen’s Smokehouse Buffalo Style Seasoned Chicken Breast is crafted with only hand-selected whole chicken breasts—never scraps. Our gluten-free chicken breast is ready for any occasion—lunch, dinner, party or late-night snack. Any way you slice it, you’re prepared to serve up the best Buffalo Chicken Deli Meat. Experience the unique, mouthwatering blend of fresh herbs and spices along with our signature Smokehouse flair with each and every bite. This is one cold cut that’s sure to keep you warm and filled whether at home or at the tailgate. Pile slices of our hometown Sahlen’s Smokehouse Buffalo Style Seasoned Chicken Breast in your sandwich! It’s the only deli chicken meat that cuts it.


Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Water, Salt, Buffalo Spice (Spices, Paprika, Salt, Sodium Diacetate and Tomato Powder), Sugar, Sodium Phosphates, Hydrolyzed Soy and Corn Protein 

Contains: Soy

Available Through: Foodservice Only

Sahlen Packing Co., Inc.

318 Howard Street | Buffalo, NY 14206