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As a 5th-generation company, the Sahlen Packing Co. team knows what’s most important: Providing consumers with a positive experience and top-quality products. Our team lives and breathes this everyday. With 25+ products in the hot dog and deli categories, and more innovations on the way, the only things that go out our door are tried, true, and safe. Our team truly appreciates the opportunity to earn your shelf space, and will support the relationship with the investment (in both time, product, and resources) it needs to flourish. 

To help provide familiarity with your account team—below is an overview of who from Sahlen will be handling your business, and working to achieve success on your behalf.

The Sahlen Snapshot

The year 1869 was a memorable one. With War and Peace published, the First Transcontinental Railroad constructed, and Grant inaugurated as the 18th President, food pioneer Joseph Sahlen founded Sahlen Packing Company in Buffalo, NY. Plenty has changed in the 150 years since Sahlen was founded, but one thing has remained the same: Our commitment to providing only the highest quality meat products to our family of loyal customers.

Founded by Joseph Sahlen. Thrived in Buffalo because of transportation and proximity to railroads and Erie Canal as well as hydro electric power from Niagara Falls.
Early 1900s
Main products were ham, ribs, loins, sausages, hot dogs and bologna.
Current owner, Joe Sahlen, took over the family business.
Late 1990s
Expanded outside of Buffalo and throughout Western, Southern, Central NY with deli meats, particularly boneless ham.
Began private label products.
Expanded into Harris Teeter in Charlotte and Southern US.
Expanded into Publix in Southeastern US.
HPP facility expansion.
Expansion of plant to acquire new machinery and capabilities.

What Our Customers Say

“A tasty pork and beef dog with natural casing to give it a snap! Delicious and savory without being greasy like some other brands.”

  • Karl S.

“The absolute ‘crunch’ on a well done hot dog is a delight! And the spices are perfection!”

  • Mary M.

“I first tried Sahlens hot dogs about a year ago and was hooked. Our one, and only, grocery store now stocks them and I couldn’t be happier. BEST HOT DOGS EVER!”

  • Jeremy S.

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Hot Dogs

It’s the snap. The texture. The taste. Everyone has their reason why Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs are their favorite. For some, it’s the only hot dog. For us, it’s a way of life. Every hot dog is packed with fresh, quality ingredients. No fillers. No binders. And that snap? It comes from our signature casing, which ensures your flame-grilled hot dogs maintain that crispy skin that can only be a Sahlen’s.


What is HPP and our shelf life?

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold water technique by which products, already sealed in it’s final package, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of water pressure. This will inactivate the growth of different types of bacteria present in food and extend the product shelf life without the use of added preservatives. This also greatly guarantees food safety. This process respects the nutritional properties of food because it does not use heat treatment, which allows the product to maintain its original freshness through the entire shelf-life. The use of this technology allows us to have up to 270 days of shelf life on certain products.

What is our pack/size?

Our pack size varies based on the product. See specifications for more details.

What type of casing or non-casing do our hotdogs have?

We have 3 different types of hot dogs casings. We use a natural sheep casing on a variety of our pork and beef hot dog. We use a tender or collagen casing on our pork and beef and our all beef hot dogs. And we also have skinless varieties of both the all beef and pork and beef hot dogs.

What are the actual sizes and lengths of our hotdogs?

All of our hot dogs are longer than bun length. They are a full meal. Pile on the ingredients and you’ll still get meat in every bite, or enjoy it with just mustard to taste the Sahlen difference.

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Private Labeling Solutions Available!


You demand the best, which is why you swear by Sahlen’s Hot Dogs. So why settle for anything less when it comes to deli meat? We carry the 150-year-old Sahlen tradition of quality, assured freshness, delicious taste and incredible texture through to our premium line of deli meat. Sahlen’s Smokehouse Ham, Smokehouse Turkey, Italian Style Hot Ham, Smokehouse Chicken and more are all made with fresh, fine ingredients and no MSG or added water. Get all the ease and satisfaction that you rely on when you order up the Carved-Off-The-Bone flavor of ham and turkey without the added filler. When your number is called at the deli counter, make sure Sahlen’s Deli Meat is the first thing you order. No other meat cuts it.


Is any of the meat mechanically separated?

We use fresh, never frozen materials in all of our products. Our hot dogs do not contain and fillers or binders and we do not use any mechanically separated parts either.  We use whole muscle pieces in our deli meats.

Is the Buffalo Chicken made in Buffalo?

We can confidently say this is the only Buffalo Chicken, truly made in Buffalo!

How does the Low Sodium Ham compare to the competition?

Our Low Sodium Ham has one of the lowest sodium contents on the market.

How can you use the Hot Ham?

Our hot ham is a great alternative to Capicola. It has the same great taste, flavor and heat without the added fat.  It’s great on a sandwich by itself or as a spicy additive to salads and pasta dishes.

What is the thickness of your Pre-Sliced Ham?

About the same thickness as a dime. It has the same great taste, flavor and heat without the added fat and sodium.

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Private Labeling Solutions Available!

Meat Department

The fresh, Carved-Off-The-Bone flavor of Sahlen’s quality meat products can be purchased and enjoyed even after customers walk away from the deli counter! Sahlen’s Ham Steaks make for simply satisfying mid-week meals. Maple Glazed Ham Steaks deliver irresistible sizzle when pan-fried and served with eggs and toast for breakfast. Sahlen’s Pre-Sliced Ham offers perfectly portioned deli ham packed with natural juices and whole muscle meat to make for hearty sandwiches. And for larger gatherings of families and friends, no special occasion or holiday meal is complete without Sahlen’s Boneless Dinner Ham available in sizes of Semi, Half, or Full. The full lineup of Sahlen’s packaged meats offer extended shelf lives, premium ingredients, and tasty sales potential.

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Private Labeling Solutions Available!

How We Support Our Retailers

Sahlen understands the value of a true partnership. Whenever a retailer onboards our products, we support the launch with an investment into advertising to drive sales. Below are some examples of campaigns we’ve run in other markets after being awarded shelf space. 

Growing Your Reach

Sahlen stands for a strong social presence. Organic posts (geared toward brand engagement vs. sales) help in-store traffic and awareness, while paid posts can directly be attributed to sell-through volume. After determining the “primary stores” to be supported, Sahlen geographically targets those addresses (using “lookalike audiences” from previous campaigns) and shows relevant content to prospective consumers. Your logo is featured.

Eyes On Stores

Depending on the number of locations carrying our product(s), Sahlen develops and implements a geographically-based outdoor campaign via billboards. Once “primary stores” are determined, local arteries near those locations are flooded with messaging that increases awareness and drives in-store traffic. Your logo is featured.

Surpassing The Stations

Over-The-Top advertising airs traditional broadcast commercials via on-demand-video stations such as HGTV, Sling, NBC, Fox, and countless paid-cable stations. This platform allows for specific audience targeting—household and behavioral, expansive reach across multiple platforms, and airtime during live and heavily-watched content. Ads are non-skippable, frequency cap-optimized, and do not get shared during short-form content. This platform also allows us to speak to the ever-growing cord-cutters, cord-shavers, and cord-nevers—plus traditional TV viewers.

Onboarding with Sahlen is turnkey.

Press Release

Our relationship begins with the publishing of a press release, giving your region more information about our brand. Who we are, what we’re about, and how our products are different. Not only does this help drive traffic to your store, but educates consumers about the high-quality meat you're selling.

On-Ground Tastings & Activation

Depending on the regulations around public gatherings in your State, Sahlen can provide on-ground activation and tastings. These efforts are supported by our on-ground team, Piston, with the goal of engaging with community members and providing complimentary samplings/tastings of our high-quality Hot Dog and Deli products. Should there be any larger events in your region worth attending, we set up activation efforts there as well. For example, we had a mainstay at the 2020 Florida Strawberry Festival to support our Publix relationship.

Drive Consumers To Your Stores!

This is done via our strategic media initiatives, as well as ongoing content support (via organic channels) to drive intrigue and ongoing traffic. Sales are monitored on a week-to-week basis, with additional support provided when relevant and appropriate.

Questions or Comments?

We’d love to come to our meeting with as many questions answered, or as much specific information relevant to you, as possible. Feel free to fill out the form below and our dedicated sales team will prepare all pertinent information for review at your meeting.

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